CZECH-ITALIAN ATHLETES | BORN IN 2013, 2016, 2018 | Some first places:                                                                                                                                                                                ITALY                 -  250m - cat. U5, Marmolada Super Vertical - Montura Dolomites Baby, 2019                              CZE                   -  100m - cat. U7, Chocolate Spike / Ostrava Golden Spike / World Conti. Tour Gold, 2020            CZE                   -  60m - cat. U8, Josef Odlozil Memorial / World Continental Tour Bronze , 2021                      FRANCE            -  400m - cat. U6, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc Mini OCC, 2021                                              SLOVAKIA         -  600m - cat. U7, Bratislava Marathon                                                                                    SWISS               -  600m - cat. U10, Ascona Locarno Run, 2021                                                                            CZE                  -  100m - cat. U6, Prague Cross Country Champ., 2021, Mia + Eli Vice Champion U10                  ITALY                -  2500m - cat. U13, Dolomiti Extreme Trail, 2022                                                                  AUSTRIA           -  1000m - cat.U12, Kitz Alps Trail KAT100, 2022                                                                        ITALY                -  1300m - cat.U14 + 500m U10, Drei Zinnen Alpine Run, 2022                                              AUSTRIA           -  1000m - cat.U13 Eli, U8 Mia, 500m, Nassfeld Mountain SkyTrails, 2022                                      CZE                  -  800m - cat. U10, Prague Cross country Championship, 2022                                                   ITALY               -  1250m - cat. U12, BOclassic Road Race, 2022                                                                    AUSTRIA           -  800m - cat. U12, Half Marathon Graz, 2023                                                                        AUSTRIA           -  800m - cat. U11, Vienna City Marathon - The Daily Mile, 2023                                          GERMANY        -  50m, 800m, Long Jump, cat. U11 + U8, Horst-Seiffert-Meeting, 2023                                    AUSTRIA           -  960m, 1920m, U12 + U8, Salzburg Junior Marathon, 2023                                                        ITALY                -  2500m - cat. U13 + U8, Dolomiti Etreme Trail, 2023                                                                  ITALY                -  500m - U12, T&F Meeting Lignano, 2023                                                                            AUSTRIA           -  1000m - U11 + U8, Grossglockner Ultra Trail, 2023                                                              AUSTRIA           -  1000m - 500m U8 + U12, Kitz Alps Trail KAT100, 2023                                                              CZE                  -  1609m - Opava Mile, U11, 2022 + 2023                                                                                      ITALY                -  1000m - Drei Zinnen Alpine Run, 2023                                                                              HOLLAND        -  800m - Amsterdam Marathon - Kids Olympics Run, U11 / 800m, 2023                              BELGIUM          -  1000m - cat. U11 / Le Cross des GDN, 2023                                                                          ITALY                -  1250m  - cat. U12, BOclassic Road Race, 2023                                                                          LUXEMBOURG -  1000m - cat.U12, CMCM Indoor Meetting, 2024                                                                        AUSTRIA           -  5250m - cat.U14, + 800m U12, Half Marathon Graz, 2024                                            AUSTRIA           -  800m - cat.U12, + (1/2) 5000m U12, U14, U16, Vienna City Marathon, 2024                          CZE                  -  60m - cat. U12, Josef Odlozil Memorial / World Continental Tour Bronze, 2024                  ITALIA               - 2500m - cat. U13 + U10, Dolomiti Etreme Trail, 2024                                                            CZE                  -  100m - cat. U12, KPMG Night of records, 2024 

My racing team 

Track & Field
Dukla Praha
Czech Athletics Military Sport Group 

Czech Athletics Federation member
                 USA Track & Field member


Cross Country Ski Sci Nordico Marmolada Italian XC Ski team (Dolomites)

Who am I, whom am I and why am I here?

2013 - I was born in the half on the highway in our van to my mummy who is a writer and famous cook and to my daddy who trains me these days also with my trainer Erika. At the end of this year I went with my parents to our first one year expedition by mobilhome to Africa and other 50 countries.

2017 - we moved to the Northern Italy, high up to the mountains under the highest mountain in Italy - Marmolada. In Sicily under the volcano Etna during the terrible storm was born my little sister Mia Ronja (2016) and in Dolomites on a road in ambulance during the hurricane Vaia was born my little brother Max Teo (2018).

2018 - we have cross-country skiing track and ski rental at home and because of it I go to the track and I fall in love with it, I have gone some races included the Championship of Veneto and I have wonderful cup for the second place from there!

2019 - my first race sky running Dolomiti Extreme Trail and also first vertical Marmolada Super Vertical -Montura Baby Race, the fifth and the first...and the decision is just made, I want to run! Subsequently, I ran almost 20 races in Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland, mostly I was on the podium and at the end of the year I'm a proud member of famous Czech team Dukla Praha.

2020 - in the half of the year I'm 7 (12 of July) and I already know that I will own my horse one day. I like playing the piano and I read a lot because we don't have TV, I read every evening  one or two hours at least! And I also know that after 11 years I will run in my first Olympics! And till then I will run in many Championships of Europe and World. This is my way. 
My family day regime is falling into the line of this. Thank to home schooling I have enough time and I train 6 time per week, 1 - 2 time per week I'm on races because the race is the best training! This year my parents have signed first sponsor contract with partners which will support our way to the best running times... So far I do run sprints, 60 m and more. But I already ran long distance races like 1 km run or also 5 km run (but just for try). For volume trainings is still time and after I will specialized in my definitely race distance.

2021 - It was the second very intensive running year. The first year with full commitment as Ambassador of Youth Runner Magazine. My journey have started to support new partners I respect them very much and I thank for them. We have created a running group called Flying Angels Clan, it's members are also my sister Mia Ronja and my brother Max Teo. It's our joint site now. We made a promotional video about my journey to the Brisbane Olympics 2032, we have a new team's minibus from the sponsor, where I can sleep during our trips, and my dad started to run and to be on a diet to lose weight :-) At the end of the year one educational portal published an article about our lives and then my mom was on TV talking about my home schooling, living in secluded place and preparation for the Olympics in Australia. It was quite fun :-)  

2022 -  We focused on several foreign sky trial and road races in Italy and Austria, and... with succeses. I also had a successful athletic year at home. I've welcomed several new partners - sponsors, and I've probably decided I'll long jump and run 1500m when I grow up. But it doesn't quite go together, I know. So we'll see. My sister Mia runs like a rocket, winning one race after another, and the younger brother Max is already racing.
I'm looking forward to the Olympics, I'd like another sister and we really need a new big motorhome!
Oh, and I finally have the smallest women's running shoe size, that's great. High-quality children's running shoes or spikes could not get anywhere. 

2023 - We don't chase current records, we have reduced the number of races, we choose those with quality competitors, and we continue to aim with this mentality: My coach says that my performances, my PB & race times achieved today are not so important. More important are... progress, consistency, reasonable and healthy growth, and above all my trainability... being coachable!
Complete ability to understand what I need to do to improve.